AMVETS Department of Oregon
Welcome to all AMVETS, Auxiliary, Sons, Riders, Juniors, Sad Sacks and Sackettes within the State of Oregon.   
Checking with other posts throughout the state, the AMVETS are still growing with new members, but all members should contact and talk with any veteran they meet, tell them about our programs and how they can help to make AMVETS a stronger organization and to help other veterans with any problems they may have or may be facing.  
That is what the AMVETS are really about:  helping other veterans, our communities and country to keep America strong.  
I am proud of all the things we have been able to accomplish in conjunction with the other veterans groups here in Oregon for the benefit of veterans.  For the posts that do not know, AMVETS has two chapters of the AMVETS Riders in the State of Oregon now; one in Coos Bay and another in Portland, a very good tool to recruit new members for AMVETS (since one must be an AMVET, Auxiliary or Sons family member in order to be eligible to join the Riders).  I thank all posts for all of the hard work they do for the AMVETS.  Please continue!

Please send all correspondence in mail to:                                           

     AMVETS Department of Oregon 

Post Office Box 3164; Coos Bay, Oregon 97420-0406  

Phone: 541-888-6556

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